Freeze Frame

Stuck in the age of Covid-19, racing to nowhere except a way out of this box to which the world has been condemned, a prison cell of prevention, or not, for those unlucky thousands who carry coronavirus with them to their graves, leaving the rest of us to worry about droplets lingering for days on Amazon delivery boxes, empty grocery store shelves, dirty gas pump handles, or our own Fido’s nose, even a child’s hand fresh from a playground jungle gym when the real jungle is Mother Earth spinning in all her infected glory, laughing as she twirls leaving that voice message that cries, “I told you so.”

—Victoria Emmons, copyright 2020


For nearly 30 years, I’ve been seeing the same optometrist. Well, not exactly the same doctor every time because there are several optometrists in one office. Sometimes I would see Dr. T. Other times Dr. C. The ladies at the reception desk were always efficient and friendly. I don’t recall any of them ever leaving in all these years. They just age, like me. I stayed with these eye doctors even after I moved out of town. I would trudge through commute traffic back to my old neighborhood to get my eyes examined or buy contact lenses. I liked my physicians and the service they provided. When I moved even farther away, I debated whether I should switch to a new physician who was closer to home. I still didn’t change. I continued to drive back over the hill for my doctor, even though it was very inconvenient.

So for three decades, I have been very loyal to my eye doctor. Do you think my doctor was loyal to me?

My insurance just changed to a new plan. When I asked my doctor’s office staff if they accepted the new plan, they said no. The staff was kind and said they would suggest to the doctors that they consider applying for the new plan. I was happy. When I called back to see if that had been done, they told me the doctors had decided not to accept my new plan. It’s not as though the plan is a poor one. It pays quite well compared to others. Adding a new plan was just too inconvenient for them, I suppose.

So where has loyalty gotten me? I was loyal to my physicians all those years. They were not willing to return the same courtesy. I will remember that in the future, doctors, and will simply change on a dime, kicking you out of my life whenever I feel like it.

–Victoria Emmons ©2014