Valentine’s Day

Snow falls outside

as I lay in bed this Sunday morn

awaiting you

I hear the familiar sound

of a sizzling frying pan in the kitchen

breakfast being prepared 

a Valentine’s Day gift

No cake this time, instead

omelette au saumon 

cooked to perfection 

nestled on a plate 

next to marinated mushrooms

toasted baguette with cream cheese

halved strawberries in the shape of valentines

with sugary syrup molded into a melting heart

to cheer up the berries, café au lait just as I like it

a large glass of orange juice

folded napkins, fourchette en place

You think of everything on this day

You apologize for the melting syrup heart

As though if perfection not achieved 

The project must be canceled

You place the tray backwards in haste

Rush off to search for a tray with legs

That one you repaired

its wood now more beautiful than ever

When you return without it, I say never mind

I only want you

Off you rush again, this time 

to the kitchen to cook for yourself

When you return, we talk

We exchange valentine cards

We eat, you sit at the foot of the bed

As though in the presence of a queen

I feel like one, at least for today

–Victoria Emmons, ©2021

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