About Moi

I am a writer. While attempting to write the great novel, along the way I started trying on poems for size. The words just spilled out of my head and I had to write them all down. Some friends suggested I submit my work to be published in an anthology and I did. Thus, my poems appear now in four anthologies, to my delight and surprise.

So I guess I am also a poet. It’s kind of scary to be a poet. I mean, what does a poet do all day, anyway? A novelist, well, it’s plain to see what a novelist does. She works from her laptop perched on a round Starbucks table for eight. He writes from his desktop computer in the spacious home office overlooking a lake. And they write all day, maybe stopping for a cup of coffee and some lettuce now and then. They are heavily into their characters’ lives as their stories unfold.

But a poet could find inspiration from a pear. A single pear.




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