My Every Breath

Take it away
My every breath
Never to return

You gave me life
Deepest hope
Beautiful laughter

Those words you sent
In a tiny box
Magnified our love

We were sixteen
Or so it felt
For a while

The many years
Months, days
And hours

Became nothing
More than minutes
Counting morphine

–Victoria Emmons ©2011

To Do List

Prepare for poetry.
Prepare for change.
Think more.
Make time for cursive writing.
Ignore Yahoo mail.

Get nails done.
Get hair done.
Believe in something.
Believe in anything.
Why believe?
Why not?

My head aches.
Blood is everywhere.
I am bleeding.
I am hurting.
I am bewildered.
I am emboldened.

Do not eat.
Do not drink.
Do not answer the phone.
Do not answer email.
Do not text.

Lose weight.
Lose faith.
Lose teeth.
Lose friends.
Lose life.

Then gain.
Gain faith in humankind.
Gain friends.
Gain life.
But do not gain weight.
Gain gravitas.