Talking with Flies

He followed me home tonight
After dinner at the club
I wasn’t sure he’d show up
At dinner, I mean

The table was set for two
And the waiter asked
“Expecting someone, Ma’am?”
To which I replied my usual

I am only one, you see
Just me and my iPad
To talk to one another
Over duck and Chardonnay

The second set of forks
Whisked from the table
Along with a black napkin
So as not to confound

I know I am one and not two
Know that the distance between
Me and you is vast and cold
That you are really gone

Yet you arrive with the salad
Of tomatoes and mozzarella
Your sound alerts me long
Before I see you fly by

So free and easy you are
No pain or wretched love
Just swirling and gliding
Over my plate to say hi