The Power of Water

Steady, comforting, predictable
each night the same sound
penetrates my dreams
awakens my mind and
cloaks my fears

Will the dyke open upon
my garden of wills
a drip of semi-conscious
thoughts clouding sleep
in favor of a pounding force

Majestic in its simplicity
how a single drop reigns
over my darkness
conjures a to-do list
for morning chores

Standing before me
a reflection of the future
hiding until ready to burst
upon the world. And then
my water breaks.

Victoria Emmons, copyright 2016


The night before change
wolves sing out under a
faraway moon on a steep hillside
whose walls echo their sad cries
’til dawn rearranges the world.

A wet nose rubs against
my feet, says good morning,
awakens my senses to
the hour, later than usual
given daylight savings.

Bark of a different kind outside
where my puppy protects her
new yard from predator
squirrels who leap without care
from limb to limb.

Morning greets too soon, as all
must adjust internal clocks
to a man-made idea of time
headed toward a new spring
leaping to the future.

–Victoria Emmons, copyright 2016